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Communication Skills Workshops For On-The-Spot Results

Win important interviews for jobs, contracts, projects, promotions or new clients Some individuals know their own work extremely well, but can suffer frustration because they cannot “get it across.” The following workshops are designed to help participants express themselves more effectively under pressure, develop more productive working relationships, and better prepare to win approval for their ideas.

Interview Skills For Work Or Promotion
(One, two or three half-day sessions)
The ability to communicate how they can help is often what gives successful candidates the edge, whether competing for a position or promotion.

Participants learn and practise how to relate their skills and experience to the job description, and acquire the tools to:
  • Connect with interviewers.
  • Demonstrate their ability.
  • Handle questions under pressure.
  • Ask questions that create rapport.
  • Strategize for specific interviews.
These sessions will interest corporations who offer professional development tools, university/college career centres who provide help to undergrads and recent grads, and associations who deliver career training support to members in transition.

Communication Skills For Effective Networking
(Half or full-day, plus optional follow-up session)
This workshop focuses on the preparation and communication strategies needed by managers and executives to successfully market themselves and their organizations in a wide variety of interesting networking situations.

Participants learn how to integrate, in their own style, techniques to help them develop:
  • Memorable responses about what they do.
  • An educated “sales team” of useful contacts.
  • Strategies for planned and random encounters.
  • Examples that motivate listeners to ask for more.
  • Good first impressions when pursuing leads.
These sessions will interest organizations that wish to involve their managers, executives, or partners in the development of new and more business, and associations who provide job search skills to members in transition.

Making Telephone Calls That Really Connect
(One half-day session)
Personal, workable approaches to important calls can make a huge difference to both the confidence and effectiveness of any job candidate. This session identifies and engages participants in the critical preparation and structure required in making research, networking, referral and follow-up telephone calls.

Key objectives will include:
  • Create a positive first impression.
  • Quickly establish the logic in the call.
  • Expand their existing network of contacts.
  • Increase interview opportunities.
  • Successfully work with voicemail/assistants.
This workshop will be of particular interest to agencies responsible for assisting applicants in their job search as well as to institutions that provide career counseling to undergraduates and graduates.