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Brian Bassett

Job interview and networking skills coaching for individuals who want to prepare Brian Bassett is a corporate trainer and personal communication coach. He is particularly adept at moving his clients from the ‘what to do’ to the ‘how to do it’ when it comes to making persuasive presentations. Brian co-developed a unique interview skills training program that helps candidates win interviews, in their own style. He has been delivering this program since 1993 to the outplacement clients of leading career consulting firms, and to members of employment networks.

Brian set up Bassett Communication Clinics in 1998 to provide presentation skills programs for a broad spectrum of senior individuals from the public, private and not for profit sectors. His focus has been to improve their ability to successfully represent themselves in a variety of critical business and career situations. A major part of his practice has evolved into meeting the demand for private coaching in the areas of interview and communication skills.

As a former sales professional and trainer, Brian draws on his understanding of the conceptual sales dynamic to assist his clients in connecting with important audiences to get the results they want from their presentations. He has taken leading roles in building and managing accounting, operations and sales teams in national and multinational companies.

Brian has worked successfully with private clients on a fascinating range of significant speaking assignments, from fine-tuning computer interactive seminars to traditional keynote style presentations.