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Job interview and networking skills coaching for individuals who want to prepare Professional Interview Skills Coaching

Brian Bassett will help you understand what is essential in preparing to win your job or contract interview. A private coaching session will provide you with the strategies and in-depth practice required to successfully connect with interviewers. Representative clients include, human resource, financial, marketing, sales, information technology, engineering, academic, police and healthcare candidates.

Overcome these and many other challenges faced by all job candidates:

“Behavioural” questions put you under pressure?

Uneasy promoting yourself?

Nervous when asked “What Happened?”

Not sure what they want from “Tell me about yourself.”

Stereotyped as overqualified?

Looking for the edge?

Pick up solid suggestions for making all of your responses relevant. Learn what you can do, in your own style, to ensure you communicate throughout the interview how you will help the employer. These sessions are great opportunities to personalize strategies for dealing with uncomfortable interview questions that can range from the difficult to the bizarre.

Important areas of focus will include:
  • Research and discuss issues critical to the job.
  • Clearly identify and get across what you are good at that will be relevant.
  • Develop and easily relate memorable examples of your skills in action.
  • Quickly establish common ground with the interviewer or panel.
  • Demonstrate how and why you will fit in.
  • Acquire the mindset and skill to manage the tough questions.
  • Ask effective questions that generate conversation and a level of comfort.