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Privacy Policy

Bassett Communication Clinics does not require visitors to this website to provide personal information in order to look at any of its pages.

Individuals or organizations who may wish to engage the private coaching or workshop services described, and who subsequently contact Bassett Communication Clinics by telephone or email, will be asked to provide basic contact details (such as name, return phone number or email address.)

What Personal Information will be collected from clients and why?

Clients may be asked to forward, by email, information that will facilitate the coaching or workshop process to ensure the best possible service is provided. Clients may opt not to provide some or any of the information requested. Depending on the nature of the service, personal information requested may include:
  • Resumes.
  • Cover letters.
  • Job descriptions/specifications.
  • Presentation drafts.
Access in advance to the above types of personal information can be very helpful to the process of understanding, uncovering, and successfully addressing specific client issues and concerns.

Bassett Communication Clinics does not disclose client information to third parties.

Website Visitors: Personal information is not requested from visitors to this website.

Clients: During the coaching or workshop services provided, Bassett Communication Clinics will not share clients' personal information with anyone without his or her request and approval.